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"americans need to chill"


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adreamofrevolution asked: ALL THE NICE COLORS TO U ♡♡♡

BAE <3 


Anonymous asked: (chartreuse anon) well we have talked before but i moved blogs and i dont post tht much pjo anymore and we didnt talk like tht much so i didnt rlly know if i should tell u i moved?? idk is this silly

yeah u should totally tell me!!!!!!!!!! not only because i probably have wondered about this/wanted to talk to you but because now i’m really curious

Anonymous asked: AAA those all sound like they'll be fine ; v ; Thank you!! I appreciate it.

okay well i hope you enjoy the movie/book and have a nice night/day/idk whatever time zone you’re in! 

alabaster-torrington asked: fuchsia

fuchsia: I wish I could become your best friend through the internet.

do you really oh my gosh thats so so so sweet THANK YOU I’M FLATTERED :’D 

Anonymous asked: Thank you you are so nice wow. Uh, I'm severely gymnophobic and can't deal with nudity, particularly frontal nudity and breasts. Sex is difficult for me, but it's okay if there's no frontal nudity or too much sound. Also, if there are people on fire? Not fire in general, just like... people on fire. Yea. I don't have ANY idea what Percy Jackson is about so I just wanted to check.

there actually is a scene where the god Hades is kind of on fire? like he’s not actually on fire, but he turns into this vaguely humanoid fire monster creature

and there’s a part where it shows multiple figures engulfed in flames when they’re in the underworld, but it isn’t really up close like you can’t really see their features burning or anything? and it doesn’t last too long. but yeah i mean i’d definitely be careful if that sort of thing bothers you 

and there’s no nudity at all (i think the movie is PG?) but there are definitely girls in skimpy outfits, and Percy is shirtless in two scenes (i think it’s two, anyways) idk if that bothers you? 

Anonymous asked: if you!! can find me a link that'd be awesome ; v ; IDK I'll look into watching the movies. I have a really, really short attention span for those things pbbbt. Also can I ask... I've got a few trigger subjects and I want to make sure it's not in the movies hhh

yeah i have a really short attention span for things like this too 

okay so this isnt a book that i’ve read online but i think this link will work (if not, or if its not the whole book, let me know and i’ll find another one)

and do you want to tell me what the trigger subjects are and i’ll tell you if the movies have them or not? or do you want me to try and list possible triggers?