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Does anyone else know about this Achilles’ heel?”
“Percy and Hazel,” he said. “That’s it. Percy…he’s a really good guy. I would follow him anywhere. Thought you should know.”
Annabeth patted his arm. “Percy has a knack for picking good friends. Like you. But, Frank, you can trust anyone on this ship. Even Leo. We’re all a team. We have to trust each other.
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i’m reynabeth trash bye

Anonymous asked: hey man u not liking the beatles doesnt really make a difference to anyone else tbh do what u want but dont force others not to like them u rule

i really dont understand this message at all like i never said other people arent allowed to like them i just said “i dont like them” and that tends to piss people off




Lbr here… the beatles sounded decent at best… they weren’t that great… #realtalk

dont let the white boys hear you

actually i hate to be rude and everything but its not just about how good they sounded. the beatles were the birth of a new era of music and without them, most of the music today would be completely different. its more like discovering the roots of music than it is thinking they’re the best singers ever. because they aren’t, they just kick started an era full of amazing singers. like the Wright brothers. their airplane was shit. it flew for about thirteen seconds its first run. but it kick started an era and they’ve been given credit for that. so feel free to hate on the beatles, just know that chances are, had it not been for them, your favorite genre would probably be nonexsistant. once again sorry if this comes across as rude

lmao i did take US history sweetie i know

but thats not what we’re talking about like i just dont like their music jfc 


nicki minaj if youre reading this please push me down a flight of stairs

nicodiangeloser asked: mumford and sons because hey man who doesnt love an angry banjo solo

Do I Like Them?:  Yes| No (like you said, who doesnt love an angry banjo solo) 

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imheartcore asked: Marina and the diamonds is NOT a band

i know but shes still a person who makes music and i can answer all the questions about her and give that person a blog rate whats the big deal??